One of my top priorities is to work with the oil refinery to eliminate hydrofluoric acid (HFA) while retaining jobs.

Housing Density

I aim to insure that housing density continues to be a local decision instead of a state mandate.

Business Friendly

It's very important to me to create a business friendly climate in our city. When on the Torrance City Council before, I advocated for streamlined regulation and championed the one-stop permitting center that has become so popular and allowed easier access and a friendly atmosphere for continued business growth in Torrance.


Maintaining a balanced budget is also a high priority for me. As a Councilman before, I chaired the Finance and Government Relations Committee, and even during difficult financial times, I prioritized balancing the budget while still making progress in the areas of infrastructure and public safety.


Our city needs to catch up on deferred maintenance. Road dieting is not acceptable.


I support removing coyotes from Torrance as the law allows. They have killed many household pets and pose a risk to young children as well. We cannot be satisfied to coexist with them any longer.